Terms & Conditions

We do our best to combine art with technology to create images that will please our clients
and stand the test of time.
Producing high quality images is a complex process. As photographers, we have to deal with
a wide range of variables such as weather, light, location availability and suitability,
availability of subjects, equipment malfunction, etc.

We cannot control these things, so if these variables become relevant, we (and our clients)
have to accommodate these variables and do our best to work around them. This may have
an impact on the quoted cost for the commission.

Price is on request, depending on your needs and location of the photo-shoot.
We reserve the right to amend a Quote if the scope of work is subsequently altered by
client’s request in a way that increases the time or associated costs, and to invoice
accordingly or if the shoot cannot proceed as anticipated because of those variables .
We initially provide a quote for the session, based on the information provided to us. The
quote will be our best estimate of the cost for the commission.


Payment conditions: 
50% deposit, balance on delivery of low-resolution review files.
Finished Images will be released upon payment of balance of invoice/s.
We need a deposit of 50% of the Quote upon signing the Commission Agreement.

Cancellation policy:
We have to allocate time in advance for each commission, so there is a
cancellation fee of 20% of the Quote unless we can arrange for the shoot to be re-
scheduled. The Cancellation fee will be deducted prior to return of the balance of the

Except for commissioned portraits (includes weddings and private events), we
retain copyrights and all allied rights in digital files and Images. If reproduction rights in our
Images are wanted by a client, this can be approved once all invoices are paid. Until that
time, we reserve all rights including Moral Rights. Unless otherwise specified, we may use
any Images to promote the studio and to exhibit, but use to promote third party goods or
services would be subject to client’s prior approval.

Please be aware that every Image the public sees, is a representation of our skill as
photographers/artists so any modification of an Image may adversely reflect upon us unless
it is made clear that the original Image is properly attributed to us and that the modification
was not made by us and does not reflect our work. We are happy to discuss this with you
further if/when this becomes relevant.

Site Safety and Approvals:
Client are responsible for the safety of the location/s and any
insurances for public liability. We reserve the right to decline to conduct a shoot in a place
we deem unsafe.

Clients are responsible for securing any permissions or consents to
photograph in the chosen location. Clients are also responsible for any costs or fees or fines
arising from failure to obtain all requisite consents/permits.

Should any issue or dispute arise as to the Terms, it is to be referred for Arbitration to an
independent expert mutually agreed between us or if we cannot agree, by a person
nominated by the Arts Law Centre. That expert’s determination will be final and binding on
both parties. The cost will be borne by the prevailing party.

Delivery of Images:
Client to complete Image Order Form present in the contract.
Low resolution Images will be delivered post shooting. Client will be choosing the pictures to be edited.
 Please note: We are not required to keep copies of any Image, so we recommend clients make
their own back-up copy for archival purposes. Clients may order a digital back-up copy of
images from us.

Please send an email to if you have any questions.

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